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Micromotive and Åkerströms remote control systems.

With the client's permission we can now illustrate this project. Here the locomotive is undergoing testing with the 'driver', who is standing on the balcony at the rear of the photograph, operating the train.

This was fitted for the Hunslet Engine Company of Leeds who are part of LH Group Services in Staffordshire, and with the backup of the Åkerströms engineering department we were able to provide the exact operational specification required by Company. A second locomotive has now been supplied, and both are operating successfully since their arrival in June 2009.

This is the first successful application of remote control for shunting locos on this site

We wish to advise users with equipment in the 458MHz band of interference problems encountered by some of our customers.

Temporary traffic lights are using the 458MHz band. They are operating on full power (500mW) as the Highways Agency deems this necessary so that the traffic lights work ‘straight out of the box’. Don’t waste your time complaining to Ofcom, they won’t help, these systems are deemed to be operating legally within this band.

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Shown here is a recent installation controlling four turnouts with the point machines mounted below ground. Operation in this instance is from a control panel using route selection and feedback to provide one button for each route and a geographic display indicating the route selected.


Information about remote controlled points.

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We are now acting as agents for Åkerströms, a Swedish company who are also developers of industrial remote control equipment.

Åkerströms are a Nordic market leader for industrial radio remote control, professional mobile vehicles, door opening systems, and locomotives.

Established in 1918, they developed the first radio remote control for cranes in 1958, and became a preferred supplier to SSAB, Ovako Steel. and SKF etc. Their product range is designed for tough environments and includes both simple hand held and advanced transmitters for complex operations.

In Sweden, Åkerströms Locomotive control system has been installed in over 300 locomotives.

The company also has a presence in Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Australia, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

For full details of the product ranges please go to www.akerstroms.com


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Remote loco operation success


This recent installation depicts three points each fitted with our Remote Control system used to provide an improved level of safety at the site for the train crews and other personnel in the vicinity while also achieving other environmental benefits.

The three points provide a protection route should there be any stock running away down the bank.

The further two switches automatically return to the position setting the road for the trap points in the foreground at the end of the operating cycle, the traps also moving to the de-rail position on completion of its cycle.

The Route Selection facility is used to provide the paths so that all the relevant switches move simultaneously to the required position from one set of commands issued from the handset.

There is difficulty starting a loaded train to go up the bank, with the shunter having to alight the loco at the far point in preparation to operate the switch prior to the train setting back into the workshops. Now the driver performs this by remote control saving fuel and wear on the loco. Descents of the bank (loco leading) with loaded trains from the higher levels can proceed onto the right hand road without stopping, the driver operating the points at the top of the bank confident of the switch setting by observation of the appropriate indications on the Point Machine enclosure.


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Remote control points improve efficiency


These photographs show another recent installation where main line freight trains traverse points using our system. The train drivers move the points to suit their requirements on the inbound and outbound journey with considerable benefit to the train crews and, with a shorter obstruction time at the road/rail crossing, less disruption to road traffic.

With a brief introduction to the new system the drivers and other staff have enthusiastically accepted and understood the operation. This was emphatically demonstrated by Jason, the first driver to use the system, who suggested an additional feature that would enhance the system within minutes of completing his initial training. This option has now been added to the systems repertoire.

Remote points success

We have a superb software program written for us by Alan Winter that will calculate the cost of stopping a train to operate a manual hand lever  or a rail/road crossing and then restarting, compared with running without stopping using the remote control. Factors included in the calculations are train speeds, gradients, weight of train, number of operators and wage rates plus more. We will provide this software to those seriously considering our products.

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105 years of manual hand lever operation at London Road Depot came to an end at 23.46 on 14th December 2010 as Train 232, driven by Driver Jan in Motor Car 3299, traversed Point 13 in the facing direction to road number one. Power assistance had taken over from manual operation.

Cover removed to monitor diagnostics


The efforts of the members of staff to drive the initial concept through to the trial have been considerable, and we cannot thank them enough. We would also like to thank our industrial customers who permitted LU personnel to see the operation of our product at their sites during the evaluation process.

And special thanks and acknowledgements to Alan Winter for setting off this chain of events five years ago.

A point machine designed by Micromotive specifically for use in depots officially commenced trials for LUL nominee BCV Ltd.

Call Point Train Maintainer Sam operated the machine to set the correct route and 'Lock' the switch, the events being witnessed by Peter and Steve from LUL. Ten minutes later, after using the new point machine to move the point switch, train 212 traversed the point into road number two.

This moment was the culmination of over three years of demonstrations, meetings and testing that resulted in the concession to commence the trial of this point machine.

We apologise for the quality of the photos. It was midnight and there was no time for posed pictures as the depot operations had to continue uninterrupted.  

Our customer requested smaller indicating lights which are slightly distorted in the photos.

We are grateful to LUL for permitting us to use these pictures on our website".


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