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We wish to advise users with equipment in the 458MHz band of interference problems encountered by some of our customers.

Temporary traffic lights are using the 458MHz band. They are operating on full power (500mW) as the Highways Agency deems this necessary so that the traffic lights work ‘straight out of the box’. Don’t waste your time complaining to Ofcom, they won’t help, these systems are deemed to be operating legally within this band.

What this means in reality is that the years of frequency management at industrial sites counts for nought, the road workers arrive, set up their equipment without any thought to those operating on similar frequencies in the locality. Thus your cranes, locos and other equipment will not work satisfactorily until the roadworks have been completed and the temporary traffic lights removed. Most industrial equipment uses only the minimum power for satisfactory operation and so these signals are swamped by the full power emitted by the traffic light systems,

Your solution is to move to another band, if there is room in that part of the spectrum on your site or pay to use the licensed band. For those who require the extra power permitted in the 458MHz band you will have no choice but to pay to use the licensed band. Either way, due to the lack of forethought by the above two agencies, they give industry an additional cost and administrative burden by their position of riding roughshod over the existing users and not fully understanding the implications of their decisions. The 458MHz band due to this problem is now essentially useless to all other users, as one cannot predict when and on which frequency the next set of roadworks in your locality will be.

Wouldn’t it have been much better for all of us if the traffic lights were allocated two or three dedicated frequencies within the band and saved us all inconvenience and expense?

There is the possibility one could be exposed to liability under HSE legislation if action is not taken in anticipation of the above situation occurring.

Steve Leyland Technical Director

We have sent this twice to the address given in Lord Mandleson's website but so far we have not had a response. If we do we will let you know.

(Still no response - 4 August 2009)

After six weeks of trying to have a three way meeting, despite the efforts of Ofcom, the Highways Agency continues to resist providing any assistance in the matter. 8 October 2009


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